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Careers in Electrical Construction

Independent Electrical Contractors
Dallas, Texas

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IEC helps you to become a professional
  • Apprenticeship training
  • Journeyman and Master Training
  • Professional Electrician's Program
  • Continuing Education Programs

IEC Apprenticeship Training Program
  • Nationally registered pattern standards
  • Four-year registered apprenticeship program - up to 37 hours of college credit
  • Curriculum reviewed and revised regularly to include latest changes in technology and code.

IEC Continuing Education
  • 4 Hour Continuing Education courses to renew License
  • Journeyman and Master Prep Training
  • Two-year Professional Electrician's Program Course
  • Chapter-sponsored seminars and programs

CE Online Course Refund Policy: We will cheerfully issue a 100% refund toward your credit card purchase of any Continuing Education course should you be unable to access it on your computer. Once you begin the class, however, no refunds will be given.

Call IEC Dallas at 972-550-1133 regarding refunds.