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The Pre-Apprenticeship Program is an 8 week course / 2-nights a week.

This program is a preparation course for our 4 year Apprenticeship Program.

For the Pre-Apprenticeship Program the student has the choice to either take the course and pay the tuition out of pocket or be placed with one of our contractors and the contractor pays the tuition.

If the student chooses to work for one of our contractors, it is a full time job and the student will be getting paid while attending school.

To work for a contractor the requirements are:

  • Must have transportation / Driver's License or working on getting one.
  • Must have a current State Apprentice Electrician License

The Pre-Apprenticeship Program puts the new Apprentices ahead of the game when they begin the 4 year Apprenticeship Program.

Classes are held at Collin College or Eastfield College.


IEC will process applications for Pre-Apprenticeship from 6/3/19 through 6/24/19.

Classes for Collin College will begin 7/8/19 - Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-9pm.
Classes for Eastfield College will begin 7/9/19 - Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-9pm.

Please contact Sara Diaz, our Pre-Apprenticeship Coordinator, for further details.

     Phone: 972-550-1133

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